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The Kamakshe Fasteners and Tools (KAF) brand is young in the European market but is backed by Keys and Clamps and Shiva Co. which are over 40 years old and an ISO 9001:2015 certified companies headquartered in New Delhi, India. Keys and Clamps trading as Keytechno Tools India, a world-renowned high-quality tools manufacturing company and as KTF, manufacturing one of the best fasteners in the industry. Shiva Co. has a state-of-art anti-corrosion protective and decorative coatings facilities

We are a leading supplier of industrial tools for milling, turning and precision manufacturing operations; fasteners for a variety of industries and applications; anti-corrosion protective coatings service provider for industrial and consumer coatings

We have been fortunate to win the trust of hundreds of customers worldwide. So much has changed in the last 4 decades but we were able to keep going by constantly transforming our business model but keeping our core values the same It was only made possible by our obsession with no-compromise on continuous improvement, innovation, upgradation, and service to our customers and product users.

Our commitment to quality, manufacturing and customer service has sets us apart from our competitors and is our unmatched USP. Our consistency has outlasted our competitors. We have implemented 5S and lean management system and at the same time, we continue to grow using an aggressive, modern but ethical marketing techniques

Our Leadership Team

Adi Prabhakar
Adi PrabhakarFounder and CEO
Adi is the second generation from the family taking the business forward, with a focus on expanding its global reach. He is an experienced entrepreneur with demonstrated history of working in industrial tools, fasteners, protective coatings and manufacturing industry

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