All measurements in millimeters (mm)

Metric DIN 315 wing nuts / butterfly nuts of the German Type have two rounded wing like projections. This unique design makes it possible to use your thumb and forefinger to turn and tighten the nut rather than a having to use a wrench or other tool thus ensuring easy rapid assembly and disassembly using only fingers. DIN 315 wing nuts can be used for many applications where quick hand tensioning and clamping is required.

d1 d2 e g h
M4 6 18 1.7 8.5
M5 8 24 2.3 11
M6 10 30 2.7 15
M8 13 36 3.6 18
M10 17 48 4.6 23
M12 20 62 5.6 31
M16 26 70 6.5 35
M20 32 86 7 44
M24 41 106 8.6 53.5


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