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Stainless Steel Shear Nut 

  • Shear nuts are also known as breakaway nuts, inviolable nuts, snap off nuts, security nuts, tamper proof nuts or permacone nuts.
  • Used permanent security solution ideal where maintenance is not required
  • They are designed to prevent unauthorised tampering or removal of equipment and facilities.
  • Typically used in public areas (schools, hospitals etc) and within the fencing industry, e.g. for security perimeter fencing.
  • Tightened using standard spanner or socket
  • Breakaway nuts – how they work:
    • The hexagon nut section is fully tightened with a standard spanner until the pressure applied exceeds the maximum torque limit, which causes the hexagonal part of the nut to break off.
    • This leaves a plain tamper resistant cone shape which is extremely difficult to remove as there is nothing to grip.