Dome Head Blind Pop Rivets – ISO 15984



  • Open Dome Aluminium body
  • Can be fastened with a lightweight fastening tool, so it does not become a burden even when working long hours.
  • No sputtering treatment such as with welding methods, and post-processing after fastening is unnecessary.
  • Fastening method does not generate sparks or dust and so does not impact the work environment. Also excellent in the automation of assembly

What is ISO 15984?

Metric ISO 15984 Open End Blind Rivets with Break Pull Mandrel and Flat Countersunk Head (also known as flat head break stem rivets) are tubular rivets with an integrated mandrel through the center. The rivet is inserted through a drilled hole in the parts to be fastened until the flat countersunk head lies flush with the surface. A specialised tool is used to pull the mandrel back through the body of the rivet while holding the rivet in place. As the mandrel is pulled through the body it caused the blind end to deform outward until the mandrel snaps leaving a tightly riveted joint and the head of the rivet lying flush with the surface.


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