We provide precision manufacturing services combined with tailored customer services to meet each customer’s unique requirements

Manufacturing with a Competitive Edge

Getting straight to the point, we make the highest quality precision parts available anywhere by taking the most complex manufacturing challenges and simplifying them like never before.

We are a global supplier to Original Equipment Manufactures and Contract Manufacturing Partners with over 40 years of experience in this field. Our full-service capability provides total support to our customers from initial concept through to production supply.

KAF have ISO-certified manufacturing facility in India which service small specialist organisations through to major market leading manufacturers, The company is well established and a key sub contract partner to a wide range of high profile customers across several industrial markets to include Aerospace, Nuclear, Defence, Oil & Gas, Space, Medical and Special Purpose Machinery.

Cost-Effective Manufacturing with High Quality Components that are Delivered on Time

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Our Manufacturing Services and Capabilities

Why Choose KAF?

Studies have shown that the purchase price of the fasteners and tools is only a small fraction of the total cost of acquiring the fastener or tools ready for use in production. It is the savings that can be made in purchasing administration, receiving and inventory management that reduce the overall cost. Even a 25% reduction in the price of the fastener only results in cost savings of around 5% whereas the equivalent reduction in logistics will give up to 25% savings.

A buyer can gain these savings by using a supplier that is committed, and has the capability, to support its customers by resolving the logistics issues. We have a history of established long-term partnerships where we engineer down the costs of using fasteners and tools. The most obvious example is the use of customer driven delivery systems such as just-in-time, twin bin, regular replenishment and consignment stock. However, the KAF service goes much further

  • Packaging and labelling to customers requirements –Packaging can be in good quality boxes for goods stored on shelves, durable polythene bags for goods delivered to site, polypropylene sacks for easy lifting of awkward sizes, or bins and totes to customer specification

  • Sorting – Items can be sorted into kits for delivery with the customers product or into smaller quantities for easier distribution

  • Storage – Stock-holding on the customers behalf to benefit from price reductions for larger batch quantities

  • Consultation – We can offer assistance in specifying fastener, tools and alternatives at an early stage in the product design process. This can significantly reduce downstream re-design /failure costs

  • Standards  – A huge technical library of standards and manufacturers specifications

  • SLAs  – Scheduled calls can be arranged by technical or commercial staff to review service levels

  • Stock  –Huge range of products available in our warehouse