Ball Turning Attachment for Lathe

Product details:

  • This fits straight onto the cross slide of your lathe for Quick Turning of Cones and Balls.
  • Comes with an Indexable Insert for best turning finish and results.
  • Maximum Ball Diameter possible is 38 mm.
  • The Head can be adjusted for different Ball Sizes.

Useful Information

  • The cutting edge can turn in the horizontal plane or it can turn in a vertical plane lying along the axis of the lathe
  • This turning tool is a much simpler design than many of the others
  • The Radius Ball  Turning Tool is designed to cut  ball shapes on a Steel, Brass, Aluminium. You can make ornamental balls on the end of handles, ball joints, governor weights, round contact points for tools, nose cones, and many other useful and decorative objects. 
  • The radius tool is sized for small to medium sized lathes, although it can be used with any size of equipment. 
  • Although it is versatile, the radius tool is basically a finishing tool, and as such, it is designed to take a large number of Medium cuts and  of large cuts. However, using the proper techniques, even a large radius on harder materials can be produced quickly and accurately.

Steps for using the Radius Tool:

  1. Machine work blank to proper starting size
  2. Set up tool in lathe to centre height.
  3. Move cross feed out and then slowly in until Carbide  bit just touches work when swung through range
  4. Move cross feed in a few thousands.
  5. Make a cut.
  6. Repeat above until desired radius is achieved.
  7. To save time, you will want to first machine your work piece to a rough shape approximating the ball or radius shape you are going to cut